Which are the requirements for the spreadsheet file?

The only mandatory requirement is that your calculator must be a working xlsx file. As default layout will be created using the first sheet, we suggest to place at the first sheet the only 'visible' part of your calculator, and place all intermediate calculations, data tables, etc, at the other sheets. For getting a better layout, we recommend to create your form using 2, 4 or 6 columns.

Important Tip!

  • If you plan to modify your form layout in the future (adding for example extra inputs or sections) you will want to use a Namedrange for each of your input cells. This way, even if you rebuild completely your layout, the editor will keep all your inputs configuration.
  • If you manually add to your layout either images or charts using the editor, using a namerange for the destination cells will also keep their right position if you rebuild the layout.
  • Please ensure you don't have any sheet, cell, etc... with data protection enabled. This won't allow the tool to read the sheet contents properly
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