How to configure Form Actions plugin?

This plugin will launch different functions (for ex hide and show sections) depending on user actions.
You need to enter at the configuration fields 'Select fields that will trigger actions' which fields will launch these actions. Type any cell at the 'Add fields to above selector' field and click the button to add fields to the selector.

Whenever these inputs are changed, the form actions will be launched.

Then you have to configure the behaviour: Click 'add Action' in order to add a new function to your form. A new section will show for you to introduce:

  • Range name: Named range you want to apply this action to
  • Action: Select the behaviour desired (hide,show, hide until calculate...etc)
  • Condition: (optional).If you fill this section this action will take place only if the condition is met (certain sheet/cell has a certain value)

You can add as many actions you need, and you can configure them for the same section of your form. For ex: you can hide a certain section by default of the form using a hide option, and show it when a field changes to a certain value adding a show option with condition attached.

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