How to configure Email plugin?

These are the basic fields you have available for this plugin:

  • Mode : You can choose if the email will be sent when pressing a button, or everytime the calculator is launched.
  • Email Sheet/cell : Select the sheet and the cell that contains the destination email. It can be fixed at the spreadsheet, an input asked to the user to fill, or even an output cell.
  • Email subject cell: Select the cell that contains the preferred/calculated email subject
  • Send BCC to cell: Select the cell that contains the blind copy email address
  • Reply to : Enter here your email address, this way it will appear automatically if any user replies to the message
  • File added to email : You can attach any type of file to your email (maybe with your conditions, with a presentation,images etc..).
  • Send PDF Generated (Need PDF plugin available) : If selected, the pdf generated using the pdf plugin will be attached to the email.
  • Email Content: Free content to be sent. You have an editor where you can style your email contents. In order to include inputs or outputs of your form, you need to introduce the required cell like this ${C8} , replacing for the required cell position. If you want to include a generated chart to your email, you need to include it this way : ${mychart} (being mychart the name you gave to your chart at the spreadsheet).

The email will be sent from xlsjuice default email. If you want to use your own email account (so your users will see you as the 'sender'), you can fill these fields:

  • SMTP Host
  • SMTP User
  • SMTP Password
  • SMTP Port
  • SMTP Encryption
  • Test Email: You can type here any email and click test in order to check if the configuration above is correct
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